It is the responsibility of the team captain to upload the roster by the 3rd week of play. Failure to do so will result in loss of playoff and tournament bids. You cannot add any team members to your roster after the 4th week of play. Substitutes must sign a waiver. ANY opposing team can question your roster or waiver at ANY time!


The Roadhouse at KBII League Play consists of 3 games. All 3 games are to 21 points. Cap of 23 on games one and two. Matches can be stopped at the top of each hour, in order for the next match to start.


All lines are in and net boundaries are within dowels.
Ball service MAY be made from any location behind the back line.
You may not step on, over, or under the serving line.
The serving team must announce the score prior to the serve. ONE warning will be given PER GAME and any subsequent violations will result in loss of service.
Once the ball is tossed, IT IS IN SERVICE. You CANNOT catch or drop the ball once tossed. It will be considered a side out.
Let serves (where a ball touches the net on the serve) are LEGAL.
Overhead reception of the serve is LEGAL. You MAY also return the serve with an overhead pass.
Attacking and blocking the serve is ILLEGAL. Overhead reception MAY NOT roll backwards off fingertips. A set-out is allowed however.
Players MAY NOT screen.
Double hitting is LEGAL (however you may not lift) as well as ball hitting multiple times on 1st receiver is LEGAL.


You MAY start with 4 players, however 2 must be female and you cannot play quad rules, as it�s a 6�s league.
If you start with 4 players, and other team members show up, they have to rotate into ghost spots. You CANNOT realign your rotation.
If you start with 5 players, and another team member shows up, player must rotate into ghost position only. Again, you CANNOT realign your rotation.
You MAY NOT play with less than 4 players (2 females).
You MAY play with 3 men and 2 women and rotate players in after each side out. You CANNOT play with 4 men and two women.


Back row attacks MUST be made before the ten foot line.
You CAN come up to block from the back row when there is only 1 man in the front row.
You MAY NOT reach over the net if a setter is overhead passing to an outside hitter.
You MAY defend the net if any part of the ball is in the plane of the net.
Your hand MAY NOT touch the net on your follow-thru.


The ball MAY NOT roll off your fingertips.
It is ILLEGAL to double an overhead pass.
It is Legal to one hand overhead pass to your teammate, but it must be clean.


The ball is playable if it hits the ceiling or beams within your playing area and is executed by your own team member.
The ball is not playable if it hits and changes direction/rotation on an over or serve, or if the ball is already traveling out of bounds and subsequently changes direction through hitting an apparatus.


No carry-in of any alcohol.
No glass in volley dome.
No carry-ins of any food.
No coolers.
Bottled water IS allowed.
(Any issues with your team, and you WILL be asked to leave.)


All disputes must be handled in the appropriate manner ââ?¬â?? If no decision can be made ââ?¬â?? Replay the point.
Management is available for discussion.


Are to start on the hour.
Are only 1 hour long.
Next match will start at the top of each hour.

A team 5 minutes late Ã¢â?¬â?? forfeits game 1.

A team 10 minutes late Ã¢â?¬â?? forfeits game 2.

A team 15 minutes late ââ?¬â?? forfeits game 3.

Please report all scores to volleyball coordinator or to the lower bar.




Each league will take the top 4 teams into that leagues playoffs. If there is a tie record we will use head-to-head in the regular season to determine the tiebreaker. Even if your team is not in the top 4 in the final standings you will still play during the playoff weeks. Whichever team wins the playoff match advances and only the winner of the playoffs will receive league champion t-shirts. Even if one of the teams wins the first 2 games still play a third game unless both teams agree not to.